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Ukraine, The Imperial Republic of Zecoslovakia, Kings Council Minutes, Weather and other NEWS

We have a few things to discuss for news today.

We are proud to announce we have established a new Treaty of Mutual Recognition with the Imperial Republic of Zecoslovakia. We have a link up on our national website from our Office of Foreign Affairs Page. We encourage everyone to check them out and learn of their great history and culture. We always enjoy broadening our knowledge and meeting and learning about new nations and cultures. We encourage and hope you will too. You can also reach their national website here:

In other news we are proud to stand by the nations of The Principality of New Masovia and The Kingdom of Volletnia in releasing a statement regarding the ongoing and developing situation in Ukraine.

Official Statement:

On February 21, 2022, Russian President Vladmir Putin signed a decree, recognizing the independence of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. Following this, President Putin ordered Russian military forces into the region, outside the borders of Russia.

These actions represent a clear violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty, and are a violation of international law. We the undersigned, denounce these actions in the strongest terms possible, and call upon the Russian Federation to cease all hostilities, to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian sovereign territory and from the border regions of Ukraine, and to return to the negotiating table in order to find a diplomatic solution to this crisis.

Signed February 23rd, 2022 by

The Principality of New Masovia

The Kingdom of Fristehen

The Kingdom of Volletnia

Next in news we have the minutes from the meeting of the Kings Council

Minutes for the Monthly Meeting of the Kings Council – February 2022


Meeting was originally scheduled for Thursday February 24th, 2022. Due to a winter storm the meetings was moved and held Tuesday 2/22/2022.

1: The meeting was called or order by The King

2: Roll call was held for quorum, the quorum was met, all members present

3: Opening Prayer was held

4: A vote was held on the name for the new committee for oversight and regulation to bring the Kingdom to it’s goal of its own independent power grid. A combination of two of the four proposed names was submitted by a member of the council. A vote was held and the committee shall be named The Fristehen Power and Light Authority (FPLA).

5: Place were submitted for the Winter Jam fest which is requested to be held in the Zentralplatz. Everything was approved and the fest is scheduled to go on this Monday February 28th at 19:00hrs in the Zentralplatz.

6: New Business – The King presented he would like to establish a constitutional review committee. The purpose would be to go over the constitution, checking for any spelling errors and things of the such. The King stated he would like to get the constitution online on our national website.

The Royal Army Commanding General approached the council requesting a urgency and permission from the council to get an official flag established and made for the Royal Army. Discussion was held on the topic. It should need to be added to the next meeting for official consideration.

A member of the council submitted for talk the idea of foreign national citizenship. It would be for those who want to be citizens but do not live on our lands. Discussion was held on the topic.

7: Time limits where set on public speaking to 8 minutes per person.

8: Public speaking was held.

9: The meeting was adjourned.

In weather news, The Kingdom was hit hard this morning by a winter storm. This is the second major winter storm to hit us within a few weeks of each other. The storm moved in about 05:00 in the morning. Withing 10 minutes of the freezing rain starting, the road were completely covered with ice. The temperature was 11F, with a 23mph wind making the wind chill of -6F. Everything has been frozen solid since then. The second wave of the storm will hit this evening and bring more freezing rain and ice. The Kingdom should start to clear late Friday, but it will be a slow thaw with temperatures barley getting above freezing for only a few hours.

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