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Department of Vital Records

Welcome to the Department of Vital Records. This department is a section under the Office of State Affairs. We keep track and document all vital records in the government. Our job is critical to the operation of the Royal Government. On this page you will find some documents posted that the Royal Government has designated that the public should have access to view at anytime. 

If you are in need of a document, or a certified copy of a document, from the government then please send us your request using the contact us tab at the top of the page. In the subject line put "Document Request". If you need your personnel records for military, police, or emergency service, please use the appropriate personnel section of your service first. They will not have as many documents on file as we will and the request will not take as long. 

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The Geovannian Union

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                                                 The Kingdom of Fristehen Official Statement on Sovereignty

                                                                From the Desk of the Office of The King

                                                                        Official Statement S07-1001


 I have received questions about the seriousness of our nation.  I assure you we are not a role playing game, or exist only as a virtual cybernation, or a political simulation.  I hope the following statement answers any questions about our legitimacy.  If any questions remain then please contact our government using our website.


I being King due state and proclaim the following to wit as,


The Kingdom of Fristehen is a real sovereign nation, even if the governments we have declared sovereignty from do not recognize us. We declare this from the Declarative Theory of Statehood, which defines a state as a person of international law that meets certain structural criteria.


These criteria are set out in Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention of 1933:


The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with other states.


Article 3 of the Convention declares that statehood is independent of recognition by other states ( and therefore in conflict with the more recent Consultative Theory in which other states must recognize the new nation in order for it to become independent).


The European Community Opinions of the Badinter Arbitration Committee expresses a similar opinion about “the conditions on which an entity constitutes a state’. The Committee found that a state was defined by having a territory, a population, and a political authority. The committee also found that the existence and disappearance of states was a question of fact, while the recognition by other states was purely declaratory.


So based on the above points, we are an independent nation with (a) citizens that live permanently in our, (b) defined territory, (c) with a government with a constitution and (d) a ministry of foreign affairs that is capable and is authorized by our constitution to enter into relations with other states.


Thank you,


King Huffines

The Royal Government of

The Kingdom of Fristehen

Executive Order

From the

Office of the King



Good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a great start to their week, praise the Lord for a beautiful day today. It's going to be hot but it's still beautiful in spite of that. I want to say thank you to everyone for attending today for this historic announcement.

The action I take today is one I don't take lightly. This is perhaps one reason it has never been used in the history of the Kingdom. However, when I look at the totality of the actions and circumstances, I feel a strong conviction that this is warranted.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance. We have all made mistakes. Unless a single action is so meditated and malicious then it's understandable that it must be felt with. So, when someone is given a second chance and their actions show there has been no change, what are we to do next?


When someone holds an elected position, they must try their best to demonstrate an honorable character. This would especially be true even in times of disagreement with an issue, a citizen, or another politician. How we can handle this difference of opinions speaks volumes of one’s character.


When someone is holding office and they show total dis-concern for their constituents, and the nation as a whole, this infuriates me. When they try to manipulate the system for personal gain, I think the full force of the law should be thrown at them. I am thankful that no politician in the Kingdom has done anything like this. We stay true to our vows to put our citizens and our nation first. However, in our macro-nation that surrounds us, the same cannot be said. On so many levels it's politicians themselves who are inciting the rising tension levels in the US government.


Maxine Waters is one of these politicians. She is manipulative, and tries to bully the system for her personal gain. Maxine Waters is egotistical, a liar and someone who does not need to be in a position of honor as an elected official. Furthermore, she incites violence which is unacceptable for someone in a position which she holds.


Therefore, for the first time ever under the powers of this crown, I declare that Maxine Waters is banished from ever entering the Kingdom of Fristehen. Further, no one in any office of any level in the Royal Government shall not have contact with Maxine Waters or anyone associate with her office or a representative of her. I find her actions over the course of her entire career so distasteful this Order of Banishment shall extend to her family down past her grandchildren and extending to her cousins.

May this be a symbol that the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Fristehen will not tolerate politicians of unethical behavior who try to gain personally from their office.

This Order of Banishment shall take place immediately and goes into effect now on this Monday, July 2nd 2018 at 13:10hours,


So help me God.




His Majesty

The King

Ratification to Constitution - Kastellan Snapshot.jpg

Digital Image of

Kastellan Ratification to the Constitution

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