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The Royal Fristehen Army

Welcome to the information section of the Royal Fristehen Army. We hope you learn more about our military from this page. From information about recruiting to learning our rank structure, we hope this page fulfills your needs. 


Pictured above is the Crest of the Royal Fristehen Army. It is the official symbol of the royal army. It is a shield that is red in color. Red is to symbolize any sacrifice of blood and life to the kingdom. The shield has a white stripe going across it to symbolize the hope that peace will hold steady and prevent bloodshed. The bear symbolizes strength, cunning, and ferocity in the protection of one's home. The bomb is a symbol to honor one who has dared the terror of such a weapon in battle.  The armor helmet on top of the shield symbolizes wisdom and security in defense; strength, protection and invulnerability. The shield and helmet are surrounded by a mantling which displays the colors grey and red. This is to honor all the sacrifices (red) and armor (grey) worn by the soldiers of early history.   

About the Royal Fristehen Army

The Royal Army is still in its infancy, so to speak. Although the kingdom traces its history back to 1995, the Royal Army did not become a vision until much closer to our actual public establishment. On January 20th, 2007 the Royal Fristehen Army was born. When the Royal Government first started talking about going public with the nations existence, it was also discussed and then decided to create a military force to act primarily as a defensive force if needed. The Royal Government wanted the army established before going public with our establishment. It is also a requirement of our constitution that the Royal Government provide for the defense of the nation. Section 1, Article 2, Act 1 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Fristehen establishes the Royal Army. It reads:

Article 2: The Royal Government has the duty to provide for the defense of the kingdom by raising and maintaining the Royal Army under the direction of the king or his designee(s). Act 1: This article establishes the Royal Fristehen Army of the Kingdom of Fristehen.


The Royal Army is small but is growing. As the nation grows, so to will the Royal Army. Right now one of the main jobs of the army is to keep watch for threats and watch the boarders of the Kingdom. Patrol's are done along the kingdom's boarders at random times.  The main instillation of the Royal Army is Fort Blake. The fort is named after the first born son of the king. The king is the Supreme Commander of the army but normally allows for the day to day operation of the army up to the high command and the rank and file of the Royal Army.

The King does however get actively involved in the training of the army. He believes you will fight how you train and their is no substitute for training. A large percentage of the soldiers of the Royal Army have also served in armed forces of other nations. The king himself served 6 years as a soldier in the U.S. Army. During his time he served 4 years in Germany and was deployed as part of a N.A.T.O. task force to the conflict zone of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Royal Army draws on the experience it's soldiers and command staff acquired while serving in other nation's armed forces. 


The Royal Army also prides itself in being an important part of the culture of the kingdom. From time to time the Royal Army puts on military balls in which citizens can be invited to. The Royal Army also puts on military parades. The Royal Army also annually puts on a sporting tournament where members of the Royal Army join with the citizens on mixed teams and have a small 2 day Olympic style sporting tournament. This is all to keep a good relationship with the citizens we serve.  

Royal army life

Life in the Royal Fristehen Army is as challenging and hard as it is rewarding and relaxing. You may be thinking, how is army life relaxing? Our soldiers do get time off duty to enjoy their friends and family. However those bonds they have with them are so much stronger due to the nature and demands of military service. So the time they have together will be memories made for a lifetime.  

As for a career in the Royal Army, well some people have to wonder if they ever made a difference in life,,,,not a soldier in our army. A career with us is one you can be proud of. In our kingdom military service is considered and honorable profession and respected for its high calling and devotion to the kingdom and its citizens. Over the course of a soldiers career, education and training is a continual, evolving process. Where you go and how high you climb the rank structure can be greatly influenced by your attitude and training, education, and experience you gain from assignments. Check out our rank structure below. 

With each rank you gain over your time in service, you training and responsibility will increase. Who know's one day you could lead a squad of royal soldiers, or a battalion. Perhaps maybe you may even serve in the TOCC, (The Operations Command Center) along side the High Command and the King himself.


It takes a wide variety of specialized jobs to make and army function. Each MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) has its own skills that can be taken with you in civilian life. No matter your MOS, everyone is a soldier first, but having an additional specialty just helps you more in life. Some MOS's are listed below.

Supply Specialist

Food Service Specialist

Medical Services

Facility Mechanical Specialty

Automotive Specialty

Communications Specialist

Training Instructor

Events Liasion

Military Postal Services Specialist

Provost Marshal (Military Police)

Meteorological Specialist

Personal and Family Counseling Specialist


Q.R.F. (Quick Reaction Force) Specialist

Finance Specialist

Administrative Support 


This is just a small list from the many more jobs in the military that can take you far in army or civilian life.  No matter your specialty, each job is vital in making the Royal Army function.  A life in the Royal Army is a life with a purpose and a life fulfilled.

The flag that is currently used by the Royal Fristehen Army. The flag debate for the army has been going on for some time. No flag has been officially approved by the Royal Govt as of yet. 

Interesting Facts about the Royal Fristehen Army

1: Every soldier in the Royal Army must start out at the lowest level and work their way up the rank over their career. For enlisted soldiers this is level L-1. For the Officer Corps, this is level L-9C. The "C" signifies Cadet.  All officers start as a Cadet and upon completion of their training for officer corps are then commissioned as a L-9 Lieutenant. 

2: Their is another way to make rank, only the King himself can give someone a direct rank appointment. This is not common however.

3:Their is a special rank not listed in the rank structure. This rank is the rank of Knight. Only the King can appoint a Knight. This position is mainly reserved for a position of high responsibility or elite services commanders.

4: There is currently only 1 person holding the rank of Knight in the Royal Army.

5: A Knight does not outrank a General, and a General does not out rank a Knight.

6: A Knight is not just a military position. Someone in Civil Service or of great positive influence to the Kingdom can be Knight Civilus. The Civilus means not of military service or authority, as in civilian. All members of the King's Council are Knighted, however only one has military authority. 

7: All members of the military are subject to the same laws as civilians and have no authority over civilian population except the Provost Marshal Corps and any Sentry or Royal Guard, or on military installations or in time of war. 

8: Every soldier in the army, no matter rank, has had or will have to do at least one month on patrol duty of the Kingdom's boarders, walking a patrol along the boarders. 


*******At this time, we are not recruiting for service in the Royal Fristehen Army. However recruitment will open up as soon as the time is deemed available and necessary. This does not mean we will not take a contact list on anyone interested in joining the Royal Fristehen Army. If you are interested in one day joining the Royal Army, send an email to and put Military Service in the Title or Subject line. We will get back to you as soon as possible*******

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