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Missed Opportunity

Many cultures and nations have legends. Oftentimes these legends can be learned about from others outside of a culture. Here where our Kingdom is located we are surrounded by, and some of our ancestry is Native American.

There is an old legend among one tribe about a Indian princess who went to visit a neighboring tribe. While the princess was there she discovered that this tribe had the best corn of any tribe in the area. The princess asked the tribe if she could take an ear of corn back to her tribe so that in the years to come, they could improve the corn they have. The hosting tribe granted her request but with one condition. That condition was that she could go out in the field and chose any one row to walk down. Once she chose a row she could walk down it and pick any one ear she passed by, but once she passed by one she could not turnaround or go back and choose it.

The princess went to the field and chose what she thought was the longest row and she started walking down that row. She looked at ear after ear as she slowly walked down the row, but she found some flaw in each of them. She never did find that perfect ear of corn and when she came to the end of the row she walked out empty handed.

How many times in life have you missed a wonderful opportunity, or passed by on a possible friendship, or a project, even a job, because something didn’t seem perfect enough? What would have happened if you seized that moment and took what was in front of you and developed it into something better?

I think this happens a lot in life and even more in the operation of our macro governments. It is one of my great desires that this Kingdom’s government can notice opportunities in front of it that will truly make a lasting, positive impact in it’s citizens lives. Can you become an active member of your community or your culture and take something small and make it into something better for your fellow citizens as a whole?

I think we all have insight enough to contribute to not finding that perfect solution, but something we can build on together.

Be careful in life that like the Indian princess, you don’t come to the end of the row and find that you’re empty handed. Seize those moments. That’s a thought to ponder on.

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