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Minutes from the King's Council Meeting - March 2022

Minutes of the King’s Council March 2022 Meeting


1: The meeting was called to order by His Majesty the King.

2: Roll Call was held and quorum was met.

3: Opening Prayer was held.

4: Monthly Report was given for the FPLA. The FPLA is currently still building exploratory committees to get the authority fully operational. The FPLA will have two divisions such far. One for Solar Power and one for Wind Power. These will be the starting and possibly the backbone of power during the creation of the FPLA. Another target source is hydroelectric power. Exploration into this option will come in the future once the solar and wind are operational. The financial report for the FPLA was given. Start up cost are still being researched. The motion was made and seconded that the Royal Treasury transfer it’s second deposit to the FPLA. This will fulfill the agreed upon monthly deposit from the Royal Treasury to the FPLA for the month of March. This will mark the second monthly deposit and brings the total balance for the FLPA to the energy fund to $100.00

5: The Royal Fristehen Army presented to the King’s Council the top two designs as chosen from a majority vote of the soldiers from the RFA. Each design was discussed and considered at length. After a vote of the council, design 2, which consist of a red top, small middle white field, and a black bottom field was chosen. It was also decided that the flag shall come in two versions. One to be flow within the nation, and one to be flown on foreign soil or deployments or operations to areas that might not be familiar with the RFA Flag. The version shall be the same as above but will have a banner at the bottom middle of the flag, in the black filed, under the symbol of the RFA, and the banner shall say the name, Royal Fristehen Army. This is for quick identification for non-familiar peoples.

6: Discussion on establishing a program for foreign national citizens. Discussion was held on this program. This would be for those wishing to become citizens of the nation but who do not live within the borders of the nation. The King’s Council was split on this topic. However all agreed that it should be explored further and presented to the council to be decided at another time. It was agreed upon to establish a committee to develop the rules and regulations, standard operating procedure and the application process of the program and for the individuals. Also, to come up with a citizenship application form. Also, to explore a database for the citizens. How long would the process take, minimum requirements, etc.

7: Discussion was held on establishing a Foreign Legion and Ready Reserve Component of the RFA. The Command Staff of the RFA is in support of the program but stated they are not ready to implement one. They still need to develop all the admin requirements and regulations for the program. The RFA will move forward with the development of such.

8: The Command Staff of the RFA and the King’s Council are in favor of service in the Foreign Legion RRC to be a pathway to citizenship for the Kingdom.

9: The Fristehen Intelligence Service gave an intelligence briefing on the situation in Ukraine. No need for executive session. All information was made public.

10: Public Speaking time limit was set to 10 minutes per person.

11: Public Speaking was held. No new topic to present. Citizens had general questions.

12: The meeting was adjourned.

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