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Intermicronational Foreign Relations

We are excited to announce today the King has signed new documents for a renewed relationship between the Royal Government and the Geovannian Union. We have been friends with the Geovannian Union for quiet some time and had a simple one page Treaty of Mutual Recognition for awhile. However HRH Gabriel Geo recently reached out to us in hopes of establishing a more formal treaty of Intermicronational relations between our governments. This also included the exchange of flags between our nations. The package recently arrived in the mail from the Geovannian Union. Today the King held a meeting with the Kings Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss and read the treaty. They also accepted the flags sent by the Geovannian Union. One a full size flag and the other a desk flag. The King later signed the treaty. Copies where made and the originals will be sent back to the Geovannian Union along with a full size flag of our kingdom and a desk flag as well. The King also sent a letter about the flag exchange and a certificate verifying the desk flag was flown on the Kings desk in honor of HRH Gabriel Geo while the King was working. We are always excited to promote positive relationships between all peoples. cultures, and nations of this beautiful earth. The flag of the Geovannian Union will fly soon in the flag plaza on the ground of the Royal Residence. This would have happened today but due to the rainy weather and strong winds today this will wait for a clear day. Todays winds have been sustained around 30mph. This morning the winds were gusting to 70mph.

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