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Great Music, New Diplomatic Relationship

The first Winter Jam Fest was held Monday night in the Zentralplatz. It was a great success and the organizers hope to make it a new yearly event. The fest lasted for a couple of hours and played modern Christian music. Several songs from many different artist and groups were played. Some of these were Bid Daddy Weave, Among the Thirsty, Calling Glory, Brandon Heath, Tenth Avenue North, Citizen Way, Sanctus Real, MercyMe, Matt Maher, Toby Mac, Josh Wilson, Jeremy Camp, Third Day, and many more. The fest was a time for fellow friends and citizens to gather, enjoy music, and just talk and discuss anything that they needed to get off their chest. All while enjoying good food and drinks. There was a large video screen playing various positive video clips while the music played over the loud speakers. Many prayers and many conversations were about the attack on Ukraine by Russia. It was a great time with the crowd just conversing, eating, and often times singing out loud along with the songs. The event organizer stated we want to be known as a nation that supports our fellow human beings. We don't hold a Christian themed event to judge or exclude anyone but to get anyone to join us and just enjoy company and people just being nice to one another.

Speaking of being nice and meeting new people, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proud to announce that we have a new diplomatic relationship established with the Confederation of Angosvria. We have a link up to their national website from our foreign affairs page. We encourage everyone to check them out and learn of new cultures you might not know about.

We also want to take the opportunity to remind everyone, we still stand proud with The Kingdom of Volletnia and The Principality of New Masovia, and the many other micro and macro nations, that have publicly announced that we still condemn the actions of President Putin of Russia and the Russian military for the unjust attack on Ukraine. We send our prayers and are looking into way we can support the Ukrainian government, military, and its people.

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