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Do You Remember?

Today is a day of meteorological history in the Kingdom. We have a lot of weird weather here in the Kingdom. However, on August 18th, 2007 one of the strangest things happened with Tropical Storm Erin.

A tropical storm had moved onshore in Texas and started to dissipate into a Tropical Depression. Not much was expected of it in in our region of Oklahoma. The macro meteorologists went on-air Friday and all said ,"a few showers expected for Saturday Morning".

The next morning Erin ended up reforming inland with many tornadoes reported and dumping up to 10 inches of rain near Oklahoma City (Fort Cobb 9.3") and over us here in the Kingdom as well. The storm even formed an eye, and wind gusts to 80mph. That is something you only see when storms are over water/near the coast. Oklahoma and this region has no coastline nearby.

What would cause this? Strengthening low level jet stream, perhaps? Ample soil moisture to fuel the storm, probably. Damage was reported to homes, helicopter rescues occurred as flood waters moved in and sadly, 6 people would die. 5 million dollars in damage occurred across the region.

I remember it vividly. Tree limbs where everywhere. I remember a large barn at a ranch nearby was taken and tossed completely across the road. It landed upside down on the roof but largely intact. It was like it was a model and some large hand just ripped it off the surface and laid it across the street upside down. We are no strangers to crazy weather here but this storm defiantly remains in out memory.

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