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Still Waiting, Mixed Feelings and the Holidays

STILL WAITING. November 3rd, or should I say 27 days ago, the United States presidential election was held. A full 3 weeks, granted there was a major holiday in there, but still, a full 3 weeks have lapsed and the controversy surrounding the election is as rampant as ever. Many people, including this King, believe major fraud was conducted during the election.

Numbers are all over the place in many states. They don't add up. To many suspicious circumstances surrounding the Dominion Voting Systems. The total change of rhetoric in parties attitude. I can tell you from being a former police investigator, just taking a quick glance at the totality of circumstances will tell you, something is amiss. Who knows what the political landscape, or daily life for that matter, will look like for America in the future.

It absolutely angers and disgust me that this type of political climate has been allowed to flourish in what is supposed to be the greatest developed form of government in the world. The system is broke. How far? Beyond repair maybe! At what cost will it take to correct it, if anyone even cares or tries to. Millions cry out, but I fear it's in vain. There should be no excuse for a complete checks and balances system with the technology available today. There should further be no excuse for that not to include the vote to be in person with a government issued I.D. card. Period.

Now do you see how easy it is for an elected system of government to trample a citizens rights as easy as a dictator can? That is why I believe more in our system of a strong power of Ombudsman for a monarchy to work within the powers of a constitution with and elected legislature. But it's not the system alone. It's the hearts of those who are serving in the system as well. So 27 days ago and we still wait. We wait for the circus act to end. Even when it does, will we believe the show?

MIXED FEELINGS? Yes indeed. This whole circus, mentioned above, has caused a great amount of mixed feelings in myself and many I have talked to. Do I still believe in the vote? Of course, we have to. What other way is there really? But it's more then just the vote. It's the security and the absolution of the results. Most can handle loosing, but loosing because of cheating will make a reasonable persons blood boil. I have so many mixed feelings about this whole election and the currently allowed climate that I don't have the space for words in this blog. So, Still Waiting and tired of it, Mixed Feelings and pissed off about it, and Holidays are exactly what I need.

THE HOLIDAYS. In The Kingdom of Fristehen, the last part of the year is considered the holiday season. We have several holidays each about two weeks apart from the end of October to the end of December. It all starts with Halloween. Then on November 15th we have Cultural Diversity Day. Next comes Thanksgiving, which is celebrated the last Thursday in November. Then December 12th is Family Day. Christmas Day is of course December 25th and New Years Eve and day on December 31st and January 1st.

If you look at the holidays combined, the underline connection between them is family and friends. Being thankful for who you have in life to make memories with. Who is with you at these mile stone moments. Thank of how lonely they would be if no one but you celebrated them. It's about the bond and love we have and share with those in our lives. That is exactly what is going to get us all through these trying times. Someone beside us. Our family or good friend, who you may consider your family in your own way. What good is a king or country with out it's people. Without people we don't have nations. So that is what I am doing this holiday season. No matter if I've had a difference of opinion with someone, at the holiday season I'll swallow my pride and give them the very basic of concept of humanity, respect. I will forget about it all for the moment of peace the holidays bring. I am sure like the snow at this time of the year, feelings will melt and we may find ourselves at odds again, but for a moment we will have holiday peace.

Forgiveness has nothing to do with them and everything to do with your inner peace. It is about your own freedom from the grip of pain caused by someone else. It does not need to be asked for because it isn't done for the sake of the “offender.” It's done for our own healing and well-being. I still believe it is respectful to ask for forgiveness when applicable, but if others don't want to give it, then the pieces fall where they may. You made your attempt. So in all this I'm trying to say this, the world is an absolutely crazy place in a crazy time. Our soles long for peace and stability. It is my deepest wish you can find that peace and forgive yourself, let yourself enjoy the magic of the holidays. Like us, they are only here for a moment.

Peace and Understanding to each and everyone of you, God bless.

H.M. King J.

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