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Sadness, Time Changes Everything!

Time changes everything! Some may say that's cliché. However, it is the truth. I realized today it has been quiet awhile since I have posted anything here. Today I had a reason. It's a sad reason but one I felt I must do. I learned while laying in bed last night relaxing for the evening and winding down, that Chairman Dewayne Corbett of DeWaCo Estates had just passed away. This took me back for a moment. Chairman Corbett became a close, virtual, friend of mine. Through our activities in micro-nationalism we came to a point where we communicated almost daily. Most of the time this was via messenger or email. We shared many thoughts alike on the current political state of our natural born macro. Both of us served America in combat. Chairman Corbett was a Vietnam Veteran. He loved America but didn't trust his government. Of this, I align and agree with him. Thinking of our conversations I decided I needed to say something to honor him, or do something. I immediately sent out an order to have all flags in the Kingdom fly at half mast for 10 days in honor of Chairman Corbett. He was a strong, influential figure in the micronational world. He will be missed and his passing brings sorrow throughout the Royal Government. Thinking back I remembered something Chairman Corbett has written, The Micronational Manifesto. In his own words he perfectly explains one aspect of micro-nationalism. There are many reasons and sides to micro-nationalism but his point of view, for me, is spot on. So I think the best thing I can do to honor him is to post his words here, so I know they will live on.

Micronational Manifesto

There comes a time in the life of all men, when one must take a stand against the evils within the society where one lives; and by opposing such evils, one is commanded to establish a new beginning for oneself and for one's posterity. Thereby, setting aside one's fame and fortune, in the quest for a better and more equitable social order; whereby, all men who so choose to embrace a more equal society are welcome to join and participate in the creation of a new nation. Such is the case within the present day world; whereby, the controlling authorities of all governments have all but abandoned the People of their own nations; and have instead, positioned themselfs under the absolute control of corrupt corporate institutions, which are dedicated to producing profits, at the expense of not protecting their People. Taxation without fair representation is a thing of evil; as public funds are diverted from the treasury of a majority of nations, and then gifted to corrupt corporate institution; which in turn, utilize said funds to produce and provide profits for the select few who own or control said corporations. This must be corrected !! Wars declared without cause, but for profit, are also a thing of evil; as history has shown time and time again, that corrupt corporate greed supercedes reality, with regards and respect to a majority of past and present day ongoing conflicts and wars. This too must be corrected !! Corruption is the corrosion of a society; and where there is obvious corrupt decaying, and the eating away at one's future, then is when a People are bound and obligated to correct such wrongs, and do so in any befitting manner as deemed necessary. It is with this collective and common knowledge, that we do hereby ordain and establish what shall now and forevermore be known as the Micronational Movement; which shall, from this day forward, be a free and diverse approach to the creation of seperate new nations; as well as, a universal unifying conduit of communication between all of the likeminded leaders, Peoples, and governments, all of which need and seek a new and just beginning for all of Mankind.

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