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Monthly King's Council Meeting - February 26, 2024

Agenda for the Monthly Meeting of the Kings Council - February, 2024


Official Notice


A Call to Order for a

Monthly Meeting of The Kings Council

This serves as official notice of a monthly meeting of the aforementioned government body of the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Fristehen to be held Monday, February 26th, in the year of our Lord 2024, at 13:00 hours at the Royal Residence, in the General Washington Room. This meeting is open for public appearance and comment following the rules of Fristehen Royal Government Parliamentary Procedure.


The Agenda:

1: Call to Order

2: Roll Call for Quorum

3: Opening Prayer

4: Monthly Report from FPLA (Fristehen Power and Light Authority) including financial report

5: Discussion on progress of the Royal Fristehen Army for an official flag (continued item)  

6: Monthly report for the Foreign National Citizen Program (continued item)

7: Discussion on the development of the ready reserve component for the Royal Fristehen Army. (continued item)

8: Monthly Report from the Royal Kastellan Service

9: Monthly Report from the Royal Finance Office

10: Discussion on the Online Constitution Project.

11: Report on Winter Jam Festival - progress/status report

12: Discussion on establishing a land purchasing fund.

13: Discussion for time limits on public speaking.

14: Recognition of and time for public speaking

15: Adjourn

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