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Jan 2024 King's Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the King’s Council

of the

Royal Government of the Kingdom of Fristehen.



1: The meeting was called to order on Monday, January 29, 2024 at 13:00hrs at the Royal Residence in the General Washington room as posted by the agenda.

2: A roll call was performed, all members of the King’s Council were present

3: Opening Prayer was performed by H.M. The King.

4: A monthly report was presented by the FPLA. The authority stated it is targeting 35 kWh per day per household. A separate study is still being conducted for business usage. The goal of the FPLA is to be energy independent from the U.S. electrical grid. It is still determined, at the moment with no sufficient water supply capable of supplying the necessary water volume and flow rate for hydroelectric power, that the only viable means are a combination system of wind and solar power. The current funding in place by the Royal Government is helping to grow the funding necessary to obtain this goal, however at this rate will take quiet some time. The council does concur they do want to be able to provide more funding but agree they can not do so until the revenue increases for the Royal Government.

5: The Royal Army has a final design chosen for presentation. They are going with a split design for the flag. One for in Kingdom operations and one for foreign operations. Foreign operations being defined as any movement or business by the Royal Army conducted outside of the Kingdom’s boarders. The difference in the flags are, the flag to be used for foreign operations will have a banner at the bottom with the words, Royal Fristehen Army written on it. The RFA request to present a render to all members via email. The request was approved. The expected time frame is withing two weeks.

6: Discussion was held on forming a program to allow foreign nation citizens. A foreign national citizen would be defined as a person who is granted citizenship but does not reside within the Kingdom’s boarders. The council voted, all in favor, of moving forward with developing the program.

7: A continued discussion was held on a Ready Reserve Component of the RFA. This would be for Foreign National citizens who wish to join the RFA. At present it would have to solely rely on a virtual membership. With discipline and training being trusted to the individual soldier. Regular check ins would have to be conducted virtually. The council is currently split on the idea. It was agreed further development of the program in needed before a vote should take place. The item is tabled for work in progress.

8: A pathway to citizenship item was discussed. The council decided that under current conditions, citizenship should be granted first before allowing someone to enlist in the RFA, whether full active or Ready Reserve Component.  The pathway to citizenship was voted down.

9: The King is concerned about the possibility of the Royal Police Service could come across some legal trouble from the macro by using the term police. Changing the name completely away from any form that could be perceived as impersonating a police officer in the macro would help with minimizing this. It would further solidify ourselves and our own culture by having something different from the macro. The term Kastellan is a nod back to medieval times when a Castellan (Germanic translation – Kastellan) was a ward of the King and had the legal administration of a local territory and had responsibility of local justice and then reporting to the king. His Majesty requested a vote to change the name only from the Royal Police Service to the Royal Kastellan Service. The duties of the service would not change. It is noted as the establishment of a police service is written into the Constitution then a 100% vote in the affirmative would need to happen to amend the constitution. The vote was held and all members voted in the affirmative. The writing of the amendment to change Section 1 Article 6 Act 1 Establishment of the Royal Police Force, will be conducted and presented to the King. Then a special meeting will be held to vote to approve the wording.

10: Public speaking time was voted on for 7 minutes per person.

11: Public speaking was held. No new items were presented by the public for future consideration or meetings.

12: The meeting was voted on for adjournment and adjourned by H.M. the King.   

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