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The Kingdom of Fristehen

Peace and Understanding


The Royal

Welcome, we're glad your here! This is the official website of the Kingdom of Fristehen, a unique nation waiting to be explored by you. This site is one of our main connections to the world. I hope you find it useful in educating yourself about our nation. Please feel free to look around. Whether you are just surfing the internet or looking to become a citizen of the Kingdom, I invite you to stop by often.  We are a growing nation and as we grown their will be changes to this website. We hope to add more photos from time to time. You can also access news releases from our government through this site. This site can also be used to contact the appropriate government service you may need. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy our site and please stop by often.

Thank you and enjoy your stay,

H.M. The King

We are located in South Central Oklahoma. The weather here is constantly changing. Keep up with the forecast for our area below. 

About us

So you would like to learn more about our nation. We have  wonderful history that we love to share. From our beginning which took place from and idea, to where we are now, we hope you find our history interesting. 

To learn more about us, click on the about button and you will be taken to our "about us" page.


the Royal Army

The Royal Fristehen Army is charged with defense of the Kingdom. The Royal Army is a proud, professional fighting force. The Royal Army is always at the ready. Learn more about the Royal Army on their page, by clicking the link below.


Office of Foreign Affairs

We are proud of our strides to make peace in the world by maintaining an active foreign affairs policy. Click below to learn about the nations we have a treaty with. 

Contact  Us


Do you need to contact us? Please use the form below to get in touch with our Kingdom. You can also find us on Facebook under our page name: The Kingdom of Fristehen or add us as a friend on our informal page: Kingdom Fristehen  Our email address is

Thanks! Message sent.

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