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Minutes of King's Council Meeting - 22-0001/01202022KC-M

Minutes from the meeting of the King's Council on January 20, 2022. 1: The meeting was called to order 2: All member are present, quorum is met 3: Opening prayer was held 4: Discussed to create an committee to develop a plan and research and establish a funding mechanism for the Kingdom to become independent of the power grid of the U.S. It was proposed the committee have at least 5 members, the chairman of the committee is the tie breaking vote. Committee meetings will be held in accordance with KOF Royal Orders of parliamentary procedure. The committee shall report to the Kings Council at least once a month. Meetings for the committee to be determined by the members. A 1st proposed name of the Committee be The Fristehen Power Authority. A 2nd proposal is Fristehen Power and Light. A 3rd proposal is Fristehen Power Services. A 4th proposal is Energy Fristehen. The 4 proposals for the name of the power entity will be presented for a vote of the people. Power options for independence of power service are proposed as: Solar Power – solar roof tiles on every building in the Kingdom or solar wind farm Residential Wind Turbine – on properties or at a wind farm Geothermal Heat Pump – further decisions to be made or considered Microhydro Electricity – A possible solution, cheap and easy to build compared to solar and wind, requires very specific on site conditions, requires a good water current. Given the amount of wind and sun in the Kingdom a solar/wind hybrid system may be the best solution. Implementing other sources as a reserve. In addition to purchasing solar panels, a wind turbine, or a small hydropower system, will need to invest in some additional equipment (called "balance of power" system) to condition and safely transmit the electricity to the load that will use it. This equipment can include: • Batteries • Charge controller • Power conditioning equipment • Safety equipment • Meters and instrumentation. It is noted that this will be a long-term project over years. It is proposed as a small start for funding the Royal Government direct at least 50 dollars monthly to an energy fund. 5: Public speaking is limited to 10 minutes per person for this meeting 6: Public input was in support of moving forward with an energy independent Fristehen 7: Voted and passed for the creation of the committee. Voted and passed that the Royal Government deposit at least 50 dollars monthly to build up an energy fund. This is a minimum amount. 8: New Business – citizen requested to the Kings Council to be able to hold a Winter Jam. This will be a musical fest playing modern Christian music and the request is to be held in the Zentralplatz or one of the parks. The Council is in favor and passed the request. 9: Meeting was adjourned

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