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Life Helps Us, If We See It

Richard James was a mechanical engineer. In 1943 he was at work when a torsion spring fell from a shelf and just kind of walked across a table. Richard saw this and began to think more about what he just had seen. He went home and told his wife about it and told her he thought he found a great toy. It took several years for Richard to find a spring wire that would coil and uncoil again and again the way he needed it to. He never gave up.

In 1945 Richard and his wife Betty were able to borrow $500 and they brought the toy to life before Christmas of that year. Richard talked to a toy store into letting him put on a demonstration, but he wasn’t sure anyone would want the new toy. However, at that demonstration they sold all 400 toys they had made. It was his wife Betty who named the new toy Slinky.

This was all because when Richard first seen that spring walk across that table, he was open minded to a new dream and thought he had. The toy doesn’t talk, walk, shoot anything, or wet on itself, but it is still doing great sales today. In fact, more than 250 million Slinky’s have been made.

I wonder how often life holds in front of us these clues to new ideas, if our heart and mind are open to see it. What ideas do you have a heart for? What ideas did you not give a chance to come to life? Richard didn’t think his toy was to simple to compete with other toys. He just had a passion for his new idea and kept at it until it came to life.

This is a perfect example of what a true miconation can become, and develop into. From a dream, through growth and development, into reality. It is my prayer and hope this Kingdom can truly reach it’s potential one day but yet stay focused on quality of life for the citizens. It saddens me to say I feel most of the world’s macro nations have all but forgotten their primary purpose, to make life better for the average working person just trying to enjoy life. Can your dream help to this end? That’s a thought to ponder on.

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